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Beardy News

New Deer Species found in Alps

Bearded Roe

On a recent trip to he Alps I came accross this stuffed specimen of the rare and elusive Bearded Roe Deer.

It is said to inhabit the upper edge of the treeline feeding on Lichens and mosses scraped from the moisture laden rocks.

A not so distant cousin of the regular Roe Deer it has developed the extended facial hair asa a way of protecting itself from the cold snow on the rocks from which it scrapes the moss and lichen.

Beards on Film

"Videos are the way forward for Travelbeard", says leading expert at false beard conference in the states.
With one more added this month it looks like he is right.
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Congratulations to Ian & Dylan for winning Beard of the Month for August.

The Times Newspaper
The Times rated Travelbeard travel website of the week September 22nd 2007.

Youngest Travelbearder - 6 hours old

Masai Dancing Video - Masai Martin

Ray Mears in double beardy book signing - Beardcraft

New Beard profiles page.

Resident Beard Locations:
Skinny Black - Missing in PNG
Bushy Grey - Guyana Sabatical
Bushy Black - ?
Little White - Peru
Big White - awaiting mission
Brown twin1 - ?
Brown twin2 - ?
Ginger - Missing in Action
Luxury Grey -Just back from Kilimanjaro
Big Brown - Egypt

Beard of the Month August 2011
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Group of bearded Ladies, bearding it righ up, Amsterdam, Netherlands..

Martin fishing with giant fork, Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Jon in crowded Twickenham, England v Italy.

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Previous Beards of the Month

New crow species discovered
Corvus beardus as this new species has been named was discoverd in Hampshire by David Phillips, a keen birder and bearder.




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